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“Aromatherapy Massage is instrumental in relieving stress and easing tension.”

Aromatherapy Treatments at Lessness Natural Health

Aromatherapy Introduction

Essential Oils and massage together relax the body, and calm the mind, resulting in a feeling of complete well being and ability to cope with life in general. Aromatherapy massage uses these oils to restore balance to the body, mind and spirit. They are blended to suit individual needs before treatment commences. Aromatherapy Massage is instrumental in relieving stress and easing tension.

Aromatheray Treatments Available

SWEDISH MASSAGE with or without essential oils will release the tension in those aching muscles. A full body treatment or a relaxing back and shoulders, you choose.

AROMATHERAPY treatment, a full body massage, using essential oil synergies is a much gentler way to go. You will probably be asleep by the end of the massage.

HOT STONES can be added to this heavenly mix and a winter treatment is bliss, when you are chilled to the bone. The stones provide a central heating all their own and the muscles relent absolutely to the heat and massage combination.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE is ideal if you are suffering sinus problems or headaches due to tension. If the shoulders are very tight then this is the treatment for you. No need to undress {just wear a thin top}  The upper back, neck, head and face are all included in this treatment.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE is a real treat, at a time when you even need someone to help you out of the bath, you can come to the clinic for some TLC. It is a delight to have your swollen feet massaged and your aching back soothed. For this massage you must be, at least in your second trimester and the oils used are only the approved ones for pregnant ladies.

All clients have their modesty preserved at all times with professional towel draping and consideration. A short consultation is taken before the first treatment, which I do not charge for.

Our Aromatherapy Practitioner

Yvonne Webb
{ITEC Dip.}
I  have been at Lessness Natural Health Clinic since 2003. After qualifying as a Holistic Massage Therapist in 2000 I  decided to study Aromatherapy, which is something I have loved always. To combine massage with beautiful aromas is a wonderful experience. It is certainly a joy to take something that you love and make it your profession, and at Lessness Clinic this is certainly  true. I do not like to impose time restrictions on my clients. I just take the time we both need and I have found over the years that this works beautifully. I tailor  the treatment especially for the client and their own requirements, thus providing a restorative and relaxing time.

As part of continuing personal development, all therapists must take courses and further study to be a member of an Association.This keeps them up to date with all new ideas  and medical advances. If you need to see my qualifications, they can be found on the Complementary Therapists Association website. Embodyforyou.com. alternatively they are displayed at the clinic. Leaflets for each treatment are also on display. I am able to offer flexible times and days of the week, to suit you and your busy life.

Member of the Complimentary Therapists Association