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Red Waratah Australian Bush Flower

“help to give clarity to one's life purpose but also the courage, strength and enthusiasm”

Australian Bush Flower Remedies at Lessness Natural Health

Australian Bush Flower Remedies Introduction

Flower Essences are not something new . They have always been an important part of traditional healing for many civilizations over thousands of years. Ian White, Naturopath and Homoeopath is the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Remedies. Following Dr Edward Bach who rediscovered flower essences over fifty years ago, using flowers of English plants and shrubs. Australian plants have a real beauty and strength. A dynamism which comes from having a landscape with the highest number of flowering plants.And whose origins are said to be the oldest in the world.

The Bush Essences not only help to give clarity to one's life purpose but also the courage, strength and enthusiasm to follow and pursue one's goals and dreams. They help to develop a higher level of intuition. self esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun.The essences also help to resolve any drama and distress in one's life. Rice Flower

The Bush Flower Repertoire consists of 18 combination essences which are in stock and can be bought through the clinic. And 62 single essences which may be ordered in person / by phone/ via email.



Negative Condition Pessimistic, closed to receiving, fear of, lack poverty consciousness
Positive Outcome Joyful, sharing, belief in abundance, universal trust
Bush Flower Essences Bluebell, Boab, Five Corners, Philotheca, Southern Cross, Sunshine Wattle

Negative Condition Insensitive, sense of not belonging, 'it's not fair attitude', anger, embarrassment
Positive Outcome Coping with change, consideration of others, enhances communication, self esteem
Bush Flower Essences Billy Goat plum, Boab, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Kangaroo paw, Red Helmet Orchid, Southern Cross, Sunshine Wattle, Tall Yellow Top

Negative Condition Always over committed, no time for self, always last priority
Positive Outcome Encourages own time and space, healthy contemplation and relaxation
Bush Flower Essences Black-eyed Susan, Boronia Bush, Fuchsia Crowea, Jacaranda, Little Flannel Flower, Paw Paw

Negative Condition Daydreaming, confusion, overwhelm
Positive Outcome Assimilates ideas, clarity and focus
Bush Flower Essences Bush Fuchsia, Isopogon, Jacaranda, Paw Paw, Sundew

Negative Condition Low self esteem, guilt, shyness, lack of conviction, victim mentality
Positive Outcome Taking responsibility for one's life, integrity, confidence, personal power
Bush Flower Essences Dog rose, Five corners, Southern Cross, Sturt Desert Rose

Negative Condition Temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm
Positive Outcome Enthusiasm, centred harmonises, vital forces
Bush Flower Essences Banksia Robur, Crowea, Illawarra Flame Tree, Macrocarpa, Old Man Banksia, Yellow Cowslip Orchid

Negative Condition Panic distress fear
Positive Outcome Ability to cope
Bush Flower Essences Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew, Waratah

Negative Condition Psychic attack, damaged aura, tense and uptight, psychically drained
Positive Outcome Awaken spirituality, enhanced intuition, inner guidance, deeper meditation
Bush Flower Essences Angelsword, Boronia, Bush Fuchsia, Bush Iris, Fringed Violet, Red Lily

Negative Condition Emotional waste, feeling encumbered, emotional baggage
Positive Outcome Sense of release and relief, spring cleaned
Bush Flower Essences Bush Iris, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Dog Rose, Wild Potato Bush

Negative Condition Confusion, resentment, emotional pain and turmoil, blocked emotions, Inability to relate
Positive Outcome Expressing feelings, communication, forgiveness, renews interest, Breaks family conditioning
Bush Flower Essences Bluebell, Boab, Bottlebrush Bush, Gardenia, Dagger Hakea, Flannel Flower, Mint Bush, Red Helmet Orchid, Red Suva, Frangipani

Negative Condition Shame, uptight about sexuality, fear of intimacy
Positive Outcome Renews passion, sensuality, enjoy touch and intimacy, self acceptance, Fulfilment
Bush Flower Essences Billy Goat Plum, Bush Gardenia, Flannel Flower, Fringed Violet, Little Flannel Flower, Wisteria

Negative Condition Fear and distress associated with fire
Positive Outcome Reduces the negative effects of fire and the suns rays
Bush Flower Essences Mulla Mulla, She Oak, Spinifex

Negative Condition Fear of death fear of unknown non acceptance
Positive Outcome Serenity eases fear of death passing over in peace
Bush Flower Essences Autumn Leaves, Bauhinia, Bottlebrush, Lichen, Bush Iris, Mint Bush

Negative Condition Disorientation, personally depleted and drained
Positive Outcome Refreshes, centres, maintain sense of personal space
Bush Flower Essences Banksia, Robur, Bottlebrush Bush, Fuchsia, Bush Iris, Crowea, Fringed Violet, Macrocarpa, Mulla Mulla, Paw Paw, Red Lily, She Oak, Silver Princess, Sundew Tall, Mulla Mulla

Negative Condition Mood swings weary physical dislike
Positive Outcome Female balance calms and stabilises coping with change
Bush Essences Billy Goat Plum, Bottlebrush Bush, Fuchsia, Crowea, Five Corners, Mulla Mulla, Old Man Banksia, Peach Flowered Tea-Tree, She Oak Wisteria