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“works alongside a child’s natural development and help gives the best possible start in life”

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Cranial Osteopathy Treatments at Lessness Natural Health

Cranial Osteopathy Introduction

Cranial Osteopathy is a form of osteopathy for whole family.

Cranial Osteopathy Treatments Available

Treatment for Children & Babies
Osteopaths are now working closely with midwives, health visitors and GPs to aid newborns with their development. Birth can be very stressful and physically demanding time in which the baby’s head becomes compressed. The bones within the head are designed to overlap and go back into place, however if the process is delayed or sped up ( by the use of ventouse or forceps) this can alter the way in which the bones return to position. This can lead to problems with the shape of the baby's head, the baby's temperament, unsettled sleep patterns, difficulty feeding, etc.

Osteopathy works alongside a child’s natural development and help gives the best possible start in life.

Osteopathy is useful through childhood with common problems please contact us for further information.

Treatment during Pregnancy
Osteopathy can be used to aid the adaptions that a mothers body goes through during pregnancy. Pregnancy causes gradual yet dramatic changes in posture. Osteopathy helps the mothers body through the stages of pregnancy and in preparation for the Birth.

Many maternity patients experience backache, pain in their ribs or hips. As the pregnancy progresses even the simple things like walking, sitting, or turning over in bed become difficult and even painful. All of the problems are common aspects of pregnancy, however they do not need to be put up with. Pain and discomfort shows that the body is not coping as effectively as it should be.

Using a variety of safe and effective techniques osteopathy can alleviate any tensions that have developed during the progression of a pregnancy and help make the pregnancy as comfortable as possible so that the mother can enjoy the experience.

During the birth process the pelvis is required to be a mobile yet stable structure aiding the passage of the baby. The pelvis has to be able to accommodate the rotation of the baby therefore any restrictions within the pelvis limits this rotation. This can reduce the effectiveness of labour increasing its length and the likelihood of interventions such as ventouse, forceps or in the worse case cesarean. Treatment can aid the mobility of the pelvis within the bony pelvis girdle so that the pelvis floor can allow the labour to be as smooth as possible.

Many other conditions can be helped as well, for further information please contact us

Our Osteopathic Practitioner

Emmanuel Merot
{BSc Hons}
Registered Osteopath
Emmanual Merot OsteopathyEmmanuel is a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy and is a qualified sports coach. It was during his sports training that Emmanuel was introduced to Osteopathy from there he decided to study Osteopathy. With his sports background Emmanuel likes to treat sports injury patients and on the opposite end of the scale enjoys treating babies as well.